Echinocactus rhodophthalmus var. ellipticus Hooker, Bot. Mag. 78: pl. 4634 (1852).

   ECHINOCACTUS rhodophthalmus. (For specific character and description, see TAB. 4486.)
Var. ellipticus; basi contractus; spinis rubescentibus.

   It was not till all the plates were worked off for publication that we ascertained that this Mexican Echinocactus was specifically the same as that we have given at our Tab. 4486, differing almost solely in its smaller size, more elliptical form, i. e., with the base contracted instead of spreading so as to give a conical form to the stock, and in the redder colour of the spines. We can only consider it as a variety of a groupe of plants which is very apt to sport.